How to rent a bike

Tap and Ride - No app needed

  • Squeeze a brake to turn on the bike
  • Tap your payment card on the contactless payment terminal behind the seat.
  • Look at the handlebar display – it should say ‘Authorizing’ and the back light will shine red when the bike is rented
  • Ride.

Freebike app

  • Get Freebike 2.0 app from the App store
  • Sign up
  • Register your payment card and choose tariff
  • Press Start Ride on the map screen
  • Scan QR code on the bike.
  • Squeeze either brake
  • The back light will shine red when the bike is rented
  • Ride

What is Tap and Ride

No app and no registration.

In 5 seconds you will be riding:

  1. Squeeze a brake
  2. Tap your payment card on the reader behind the seat
  3. Ride

To end the ride,

  1. squeeze either brake lever 3 times quickly when stopped

  1. tap your payment card again on the card reader.
  2. Watch the handlebar display to see the ride cost

Can't rent a bike

Tap and ride

‘Payment failed’ on the handlebar display

  • the credit card requires you to input a PIN code but there is no PIN pad. If you make a purchase elsewhere where you can give the required PIN code. You will then be able to use the credit card on the bike.
  • Or you have insufficient funds on your account

No lights turn on when you squeeze a brake lever

The bike is out of battery


The app will tell you if you have insufficient credit or if the bike is not available for use.

If the rental starts in the app, but the Freebike does not turn on after you squeeze a brake lever, end your rental in the app. No charge will be applied and please try another bike.

The Bike is ready to ride once the rear light behind the saddle is red.

Can't return the bike

Can't return the bike

You can End rental by

  1. Squeezing a brake 3 times quickly when stopped
  2. OR tapping your payment card on the reader behind the seat
  3. OR pressing Return in the app

In No Parking (red) zones you must end the rental at a station. Check the handlebar display or the map on to find the nearest station.

Where can I end my ride

In the centre of the city you can park wherever you want but you pay €1.50 if you park outside a station. Outside the centre, you must leave the bike at a station.

To find the stations, check the display as you ride – it will always show you the closest station to your location. Or check the map on

What is 10€ preauthorization?

Users who tap using their payment card accept that there will be a 10 Euro preauthorization on their payment card. This amount will be blocked and the preauthorization will be cancelled at the end of the ride.

The preauthorization will be returned by the card issuer when they process the rental price transaction.

Users who have tapped their payment card on the reader of the bike will be charged 15 Euro cents per minute plus the charge for parking. If the cost of the ride approaches the amount of the pre-authorization, the rider will be advised by the display on the bike that he must end the ride shortly. The User will have 5 minutes to find a station in order to avoid paying station parking fees.

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