Helsinki Freebike is used in a limited area in Helsinki and Espoo. 

You can find bikes at Freebike bike stations where you can rent and return bikes. Bike stations are geographically defined areas and do not have racks. 

You can see bike stations and Freebikes on the map below or from the Freebike app. Freebike-bikes have a display to help you find a bike station. 


 0.15€ per minute, no starting fee.
A pre-authorization of 10 € will be made on your card at the beginning of the ride and the pre-authorization will be cancelled at the end of the ride.

Icons on the map 

Geofence  Red line - Freebike operating range boundary

station icon  A station - park your Freebike for free (the icon shows amount of available Freebikes at the station)

Green zone  Green zone – you can park Freebike anywhere for a fee of 1.5 € or in a station for free. 

Red zone  Red zone - area where you can only park Freebike at the station.

Free bike  Available bike parked outside of station (the number shows the remaining range of the Freebike).


You don’t need an app to use the Freebike electric bike, but you can also pay with the app if you wish., Rolan Oy, email:, phone: +358923120440